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  • Top 12 mistakes in creating cross-platform UIs, Part 1: Solution architecture
    Creating a user interface for a modern-day device is often complicated enough, but doing so for a specific custom embedded device can be a totally different beast. By avoiding a few common mistakes, developers can more easily achieve success in cross-platform UI creation.

  • Trade group to define machine-learning benchmark for edge
    The EEMBC group has started work on a machine-learning benchmark to test performance of embedded processors running inference jobs.

  • Startup looks to speed machine learning with NOR arrays
    Startup Mythic could be the first to test the market for commercial silicon that maps machine-learning jobs into a processor-in-memory architecture.

  • Intelligent power switch built for industrial automation
    The STMicroelectronics IPS4260L quad low-side intelligent power switch boosts efficiency and reliability in industrial automation, with four 260mΩTYP RDS(ON) power switches and protection features in a space-efficient, thermally enhanced package. The IC can manage up to 2.4A@TAMB=85°C (0.6A per channel or 2.4A on

  • Audio power amp targets wireless speaker designs
    Leveraging spread-spectrum modulation, the PAM8106 stereo Class D amplifier from Diodes is capable of driving both 8 Ω and 4 Ω speakers.

  • The IoT technology landscape
    IoT developers can select from a number of options for wireless connectivity but the best choice depends on a wide variety of factors. This article offers an overview of the criteria associated with the selection of conventional technologies.

  • Semaphores: utility services and data structures
    In this installment of his RTOS Revealed series, Colin examines services for semaphores--a fundamental mechanism for managing shared access to resources in an operating system.

  • Android Things 1.0 arrives for consumer IoT devices
    The search-and-cloud giant has finally released Android Things 1.0, the first stable platform release of its operating system for consumer IoT devices. Android Things joins the other versions of the mobile operating system such as Android wear, Android Auto (for connected cars), and Android TV.




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