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  • Tool speeds register verification
    Registers are one of the first aspects of the design that must be tested because they contain the configuration settings for the hardware and are the basis of the hardware/software interface.

  • Dev kit aids motion control design
    TI's DesignDRIVE gives motion control developers a sandbox in which they can experiment with sensor and motor control topologies.

  • On Control-S
    That nervous twitch of the left hand to save files may be obsolete.

  • Collective threat intelligence for the IoT
    The old adage that there is strength in numbers may well apply to providing security in the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • BADASS Display Coding Competition
    This is your chance to suggest and/or create some effects for Max to present on his BADASS Display.

  • Towards full cognitive radio
    The spectrum crunch is putting greater pressure on regulators to maximize the use of this precious resource. Cognitive Radio offers one possible solution for addressing our insatiable appetite for more bandwidth.

  • USB connectivity in a battery-powered IoT world
    USB has evolved from the dream of standardizing all PC connections to a state-of-the-art technology that allows even small battery-powered IoT devices to communicate with anything.

  • 10 unusual Raspberry Pi 2 projects
    Raspberry Pi Foundation's newest board the RPi 2 is gaining traction. We look at some of the more interesting and unusual projects that the new board has inspired.




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